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Teeth are the gems of nature which it bestows onto all human beings. Besides doing the basic and the important function of participating in the digestion process they are the structures that make an important part of our personality. None of us will deny the role they play in building our image as a beautiful and healthy person. Yet, even though we have been trained since childhood to take care of our teeth, many of us end up visiting dentists for one reason or another. It could be our diet that is found to be responsible for early tooth decay, or it may be bad habits like smoking and alcohol abuse for instance that lead to poor oral health. Some may be a victim of an accident while others may have been born with teeth deformities.

The good news is that modern dentistry is equipped with all the practices, methodologies and tools that are capable of curbing almost all dental discomforts. There is a remedy available whether you are suffering from spacing between your teeth or have cracked teeth; whether you have a cavity in your tooth or if you are worried about stains on your teeth. There are many treatment options available to you. Dental crowning for instance is one of the most common and most successful treatment options for many teeth related issues. Houston Dental implants are a procedure that uses dental crowns so it is important to understand dental crowns.  Let us take a look at what dental crowning actually is and what the essential elements of the treatment are:
Houston Dental Implants

Dental Crowning is covering the tooth with a crown or cap, whatever you call it. The cap covers the obvious part of the tooth and extends until the gum line thus hiding all the deformities of tooth. The cap is made up of different materials and the most common types are porcelain, ceramic and metal. One may go for crowning of all the teeth choosing one type of material or can use the treatment just for the broken or deformed tooth. In the later case dentists recommend material that matches the color of the other teeth of the patient. Dental crowning provides solutions for many dental problems in the following ways:

  • It is a support mechanism to hold the loosely fitting teeth together and for those who go for teeth implants.
  • It is a way to protect the teeth that have fillings or those which are decayed.
  • It is an anchor and protecting cover for teeth bridges.
  • It hides the stained teeth and thus adding a new shine to your discolored teeth.

A Houston dental implant is a procedure in which an artificial tooth root is inserted into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or to support a dental bridge.  Dental implants do not rely on supporting teeth for strength so healthy surrounding teeth are not altered.  Since dental implants integrate into your bone structure, they help to prevent bone loss and gum recession that can occur with bridgework and dentures.  Dental implants can also provide a support for a denture to make it feel more secure and comfortable. 
A dental implant provides a natural looking artificial tooth that looks and feels like your own natural tooth.